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Client testimonials

Working with clients to complete commissions for them is one of the best parts of my job! Here is a selection of my recent work.




This is the adorable Cookie, whose portrait I drew as s surprise birthday gift.

"I recieved this wonderful portrait of our cat, Cookie, for my birthday. It was a complete surprise as my husband had liaised with Sara in secret. I was overwhelmed - the likeness is amazing. Sara is so talented, and I have no idea how she managed to capture his character."


Kathryn, Tennessee, USA


How gorgeous is this pooch?! This is the very handsome Moose. I loved capturing his quizzical expression.


Alice, Hampshire


For Ozzie's portrait, Alice was keen to have a full body portrait rather than just a head and shoulders. I think this was a great decision! I loved drawing all that lush, black fur.

Murph and Vinstin

Nicki, Penrith

Obi, Vinstin, Murph and Hislop

Nicki commissioned me to draw her four Scottish Fold cats, one of which was no longer with us. These beautiful, striking cats were such a joy to draw. 

"The pictures are so lifelike I am really pleased with them. Even the cats had a double take when I took them out of the wrapping! Highly recommended."

Phen and Digby

Carrie, Surrey

Phen and Digby

Carrie approached me to draw two of her horses, that she had owned when she was a teenager. It was such an honour to complete these portraits for her.


Jan, London


Bella is one of a series of portraits I drew of NHS and key workers pets, as a thank you for their work during the pandemic. This was part of the #portraitsforNHSheroes campaign. It was amazing to be able to give back, even in a small way, to our NHS heroes.


Elaine, London


Bobbie is the second of a series of portraits I drew of NHS and key workers pets, as a thank you for their work during the pandemic.


Christine, London

Hoover & Emil

I had the honour of drawing two cats for Christine, as Christmas gifts for her parents. Hoover and Emil have very different personalities, so I was keen to capture that in their portraits. This is the beautiful and angelic Emil!


Jane, Scarborough


This is Ruby - another of the portraits I completed for NHS key workers. I love Ruby's expression, and the way she is leaning on her paw. So cute!!

Jeb, Hamish and Bella

Kylie, Kent

Jeb, Hamish and Belle

I completed this triple portrait as a surprise 50th birthday gift for Kylie's husband.


Jacqui, London


Islay is a beautiful cockapoo, with beautiful whiskey coloured fur. For this portrait, I chose a sand coloured paper, to tone with Islay's fur. 

"Sara really managed to capture our dog’s character in the portrait she drew from the photo we sent her. She kept us up to date through out the whole process, sending us regular updates, so we could see how she was getting on. I can’t wait to get it framed and on display!"


Lisa, London

Sir Walter

When Lisa contacted me with her vision of a portrait of her cat, Sir Walter, in period dress I could not have been more excited to try something very different to my normal portraits! I now offer this style of portrait as an option for all my clients.


Pauline, Edinburgh


I was very honoured to draw Lady, who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. 

"I wasn't able to be with her when she had to leave, this drawing will allow me to have the memory of my best friend forever with me."


Jill, Melbourne, Australia

Ziggy and Holly

I had the pleasure of drawing two dogs for Jill: Ziggy, as a Christmas gift for her daughter; and Holly, as a birthday gift for a friend. Cockapoos seem to be becoming my most commissioned breed!


Zoe, London


This was a very special commission. Zoe contacted me to ask me to draw Barley as a surprise wedding present for her sister. I also liaised with Zoe to get the final portrait framed so that it was ready to present on the day of the wedding.

"Sara did the most wonderful drawing of our sister and her husband's Labrador as our gift to them for their wedding - it is uncanny how much the picture looks like Barley! Sara was very communicative throughout the process and even helped us with the framing, we wouldn’t hesitate to use Sara again she is fabulous!"

luna cropped.jpg

Dipak, Miami, USA


What a beautiful dog, and an old soul, Luna is. I was privileged to be asked to draw Luna for my client's home in Miami.


Ravi, London

Kumba and Tia

Ravi asked me to create portraits of his dog Kumba, and his previous dog Tia who is sadly no longer with us. For Kumba's portrait, I also met with Ravi to take the reference photos that I worked from.

"Sara has just completed two portraits for me, one in colour and one in black and white. They are both amazing, and I am very happy with them. They really capture the characters of my dogs. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself, or a present for someone, then don't hesitate!"


Alison, London


Chester is a gorgeous cockapoo, who I was lucky enough to meet before I drew his portrait! I worked here from a favourite photo which Alison had taken of him.

"Sara did a fabulous job of capturing Chester's personality in his portrait, we couldn't be more pleased with the result. We were so excited to watch the portrait develop from a sketch to such a perfect likeness of our boy. The feedback we got from Sara throughout the process was brilliant, from choosing the best photo right through to whether or not we included Chester's collar in the final picture. As well as being incredibly talented, Sara is friendly and easy to work with. The portrait has pride of place on our picture wall at home."


Steve, Sarah & Daniella, Worcestershire


Steve, Sarah and Daniella commissioned me to produce a portrait of their chocolate Labrador, Moca. We worked closely together to chose an image as the basis of the drawing. The most important thing for them was that the finished piece captured Moca's expression and spirit.

"It's an amazing likeness capturing Moca’s character and expression. When we commissioned Sara to produce a portrait of our very special furry family member we had no idea that she would create such an incredible resemblance - we absolutely love it!"


Gary, Staffordshire

Zeus, pencil and chalk on A3 black p

Gary contacted me to produce a portrait of his German Shepard, Zeus, as a surprise Christmas present for his wife. I focused on capturing Zeus' eyes and intelligence. Taking a good quality picture for me to work from was challenging without spoiling the surprise, so I worked with multiple images of Zeus to complete this piece.

"My wife was so happy with the portrait of our dog Zeus, that it has taken pride of place in our living room. All our guests comment how fantastic it is."

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