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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering commissioning me for a portrait, you are bound to have questions about how the process works! I've set out below the most common things I'm asked, but please contact me to have a chat and discuss any queries you have.

How do I commission you to draw my pet?

I realise that this is probably something you haven't done before! The process is really straightforward, and I will be on hand to guide you through it step by step. I work from photographs, so the first step is to contact me, give me an idea of what you want (and if there's a specific date you have in mind that you want it by), and provide me with some images. I will come back to you with any queries I have, and we will agree a date for delivery of the final portrait. I will let you know when I start on it, and share work in progress with you as the portrait develops. I want you to be happy with the final product, and I find that the best way to do that is to have a regular dialogue throughout!

Can you help me choose the best image of my pet?

Absolutely! I am happy for you to send me a range of photos, from which I can suggest those which will make the best portrait. You can never send me too many photos!

What animals do you draw?

My most popular commission requests are for pets, mostly dogs and cats. However, I am very happy to draw any animal - either a pet you may have, or something more exotic!

If I want a particular style for the portrait, is that something you can accommodate?

The short answer is generally, yes. I have drawn cats in costume; black and white portraits; coloured portraits; created portraits from multiple images; and created memorial pieces for animals who have sadly passed away. 

The style of portrait you want is something we can discuss in our initial conversations, and until we've agreed on the specification of the portrait you won't pay a penny. 

How much will a portrait cost?

Please see my Commissions page, which provides full details of prices.

Can I see the portrait as it develops?

Absolutely! In fact, I make it a rule to share work in progress images with my clients. I also share images on my social media (unless you ask me not to, i.e. if the portrait is a surprise gift).

What are your shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary depending on the size of the portrait, and its destination. Please provide me with your address when you contact me, and I will be able to provide you with a quote for postage.

Can I buy a portrait as a gift?

Yes, I have gift vouchers that you can purchase that make a lovely gift. Please contact me for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ
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